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Trisha Mason Music Worse or Better
Worse or Better

Trisha Mason Music Red Sky
Red Sky


Trisha Mason Music

"With her bright, distinctive soprano and versatility playing both guitars and keyboards, Mason has quickly established herself as one of the hardest working women in eastern Maine show business."
Bangor Daily News

"Her songs have been described as "Existential Soul Candy," and she wears her heart on her sleeve at every performance."
WERU Radio


When Trisha Mason first picked up a guitar at the age of 14, she began a personal and musical journey that has led her from her native Massachusetts to the rocky coasts of Down East Maine. The strong musical influence of her grandfathers, combined with the youthful heartbreak of lost love, led Trisha to reach deep inside herself and begin writing her first original songs.

In 2008, Trisha moved to Ellsworth, Maine, where she has made her home, and also where she began to develop and fine tune her songwiting. Trisha's dulcet soprano voice, her driving rhythm guitar, passion for music, and her obvious talent immediately captured the attention of the tight knit community of local musicians and music fans.

In 2015, Trisha has clearly made her mark as a standout talent. Her live shows reflect a joy, energy, and enthusiasm which draw an ever growing fan base. Once shy and retreating, Trisha is a bold live performer, equally comfortable covering her influences, which include a diverse group of artists ranging from Johnny Cash and The Beach Boys to Green Day and Pink. But, clearly, her popularity as a live act is increasingly based on the appeal of her original music, of which progressively larger audiences can't get enough.

The Bangor Daily News says: "There’s no pretense with Mason, who clearly plays from her gut -- direct and honest, with a lot of musical talent. It’s not about looking cool -- even though, with her curly dark hair and infectious smile, she’s a striking performer, with an energetic stage presence. For Mason, it’s clearly about the love of playing, and about having fun on stage."

Trisha has released two albums of original songs -- "Worse or Better" in 2012 and the stunning and adventurous "Red Sky" in 2015. On both these efforts, a diverse array of talented musicians has contributed to Trisha's efforts. Obviously, her songs, which have been described as "existential ear candy," attract musicians who genuinely support her.

Trisha is currently performing in support of her new release "Red Sky." For more information about Trisha Mason, where to purchase or sample her recordings, and where to hear and see her perform visit…

Trish Mason Music
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